Service & Maintenance

Onderhoud koelinstallatie

Personal and reliable

Personal approach

Vink Refrigeration is a customer oriented company with a passion for refrigeration technology. We like to serve you as much as possible in the field of refrigeration and ice making. From the design and engineering stage in which Vink works closely with the customer to search for the most sustainable and cost-effective solution in refrigeration up to commissioning, and last but not least during the long period of using the installation Vink is happy to assist with service, maintenance and advice whenever needed.

Maintenance contract

Proper maintenance lengthens the life span of your cold room or cooling system. Even with the most dependable equipment, there are times when you require support from commercial/industrial service experts. Therefore Vink Energy can offers customers a service, maintenance and/or all-in contract. This can cover repairs, preventive and corrective maintenance and spareparts. Vink Energy wants to be available for her customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, however, the reality in South Sudan makes our availability very limited. Preventive maintenance is therefore even more important than most other places in the world. Our technicians are continuous trained tohave ample product knowledge of the refrigeration installations and are provided all required documents to fulfill the task.


Is your refrigerator or freezer unit not working properly? Let us have a look and give you a free proposal for maintenance and repair Do you have questions about the inspection and maintenance of your cooling system or do you seek free advice? Please call for more information.