Green & Sustainable

green and sustainability

Vink supports corporate social responsibility

Energy efficient and eco-friendly solutions

Sustainability, energy efficiency and innovation are greatly valued by Vink Energy. When designing a cooling system, Vink is always searching for innovative technical solutions that will reduce energy consumption and thus keep energy costs as low as possible.

Corporate social responsibility

Vink Energy wants to take resposibility at all fronts. When it comes to our own business we want to be responsible too. We care about each other and our neighbourhood, we try to minimize water and power consumption and we invest in our staff with ample training and development possibilities. Our staff are 90% from the neighborhood, South Sudanese, eager to build the country to prosparity.

Solar panels

Refrigeration is a energy intensive industry which led us to searching for more sustainable power sources. Vink Energy has added solar electric systems and hybrid power supply to its portfolio. Solar energy is most effective for environments wher power is used during daytime like in offices.

Natural refrigerants 

Compared to "chemical" refrigerants, the use of natural refrigerants is a great improvement for the environment. However, many older refrigeration systems are still using the HCFC refrigerant R22. This refrigerant is depleting the ozone (ODP) layer and when released to atmosphere it contributes to the global warming effect (GWP). That is why R22 will be phased out. The refrigerant industry has been pushing hard with "chemical" alternatives like HFCs (0 ODP, high GWP) and HFOs (0 ODP, lower GWP). Vink is an early adapter of Natural Refrigerants like NH3 (Ammonia), CO2 (Carbon Dioxide and Hydro Carbons like Iso Buthane (R600a) and Propane (R290) and has already helped many customers to find alternatives for installations with chemical refrigerants and will gladly advise you in finding the best solution for your business.

Save on energy

A refrigeration or freezer is often a major energy consumer within a company. But with some easy steps it is often possible to become more eco-friendly. First of all it is important to determine how to reduce the need for refrigeration. Than how the refrigerating system can be used more efficiently, so you will cut down on the costs thus saving energy. At your request, Vink will visit your company to check your cooling system and the way you use it and give free advice on how you can reduce your energy costs. Already a lot can be achieved by reducing the loss of cold air, for example by using automatic doors, draft curtains and air locks. Also the lighting that is used inside the cold room or freezer is important: LED light uses less energy, emits less heat and is more efficient at cold temperatures than fluorescent lighting. In addition, LED lighting life span is about more than 10 times longer than fluorescent lighting. Other methods for preservation energy and reducing cooling load are the use of evaporative coolers/condensers, peak shaving, thermal batteries etc., we will be glad to discuss the options in person.