Engineering & Advice

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Technical knowledge and practical experience

Independent advice 

Vink Energy offers independent advice, thinks outside of the box and provides well-designed customized solutions to the customer. Within the team of Vink Energy we have a vast technical knowledge and huge practical experience making us capable to respond with sensible solutions. Not being committed to brands or suppliers we are free to offer solutions that fit you rather than us.


Within the team of Vink Energy we have great technical knowledge and ample experience in applying refrigeration technology from small commercial systems up to the largest freezer systems ever build. Vink's engineers think along with the customer in finding cost-effective solutions by using eco-friendly and innovative systems. Because of our general sustainable approach Vink Energy is able to save energy without extra design end engineering cost.

Insulated constructions

Vink Energy designs and build insulated constructions from cold room to refrigerated distribution center, from fish box to operation theatre, from laboratory to school. The low cost, easy to maintain and fast construction makes the insulation construction often the best alternative. We make the design, calculations and detailed drawings, deliver materials and do the construction and installation

Research in own factory

Vink does not automatically opt for standard solutions. Instead, they are flexible and innovative in finding the best cooling solution. Thanks to product knowledge and ample research opportunities in the Vink group, Vink Energy is able to test products and make adjustments where needed. In this way, they are able to offer the most reliable and efficient refrigeration solution that meet the desires and the needs of the customer.


In the development process critical questions are asked, such as: Are there options / alternatives? What if we use a different techniques than the common one? Do we make the installation as energy efficient as possible? Can we use natural refrigerants that are more sustainable and that are not harmful to the environment? Can we make things simpler, more user friendly, more reliable? Considering these many factors that play a role we do find the best solution for the customer.

All-round utility installation company

Vink is an all-round technical service provider for utility installations and experienced in providing total solutions. Besides refrigeration we deal with electricity, solar energy, pneumatics, hydraulics, controll systems, fluid transport and piping. By looking at the bigger picture the options for operational cost reduction become clear. Because the various technical installations are connected and put together as efficient as possible, you will save on operational costs. Please contact us without engagement to check the possibilities.