Constructing and installation

Wand met twee schuifdeuren naar de koelcel en invriescel, vanuit de gezamenlijke gekoelde expeditieruimte.

Reliable partner in projects

Efficient Turnkey solutions

Vink is experienced in providing turnkey solutions. Due to this approach the cost for the new or renovated construction will be minimized and fairly risk-less. You will save both on installation and operating costs because the various technical installations will be designed y one team to perfectly work together. This will prevent doubling and mis-matches as well as "forgotten in the BOQ". At Vink we like to be responsible for the result, from design to delivery.

Vink works closely together with various specialists and installers in order to reach the best result. We willl use reliable and simple solutions when possible and complex systems when nessesary and we are constantly looking for better innovative ways.

Reliable partner 

Vink Energy is a reliable project partner for investers, producers, contractors and other installation companys who need refrigeration technology. That could be a direct product but also an input to a larger (infrastructural) project. Whether it is a cold room, food processing facilities, insulated stuctures, freezing, ice, cold chain, temperature controlled logistics; Vink will be happy to assist. Our engineers will search for the most efficient solution and our technicians will keep your equipment tip-top.

Innovative and cost effective

Vink Energy excels at projects where technical solutions for both power, cooling and heating are needed. Innovative solutions can be found by thinking along from the beginning of the new project. Do not wait until the architect or civil engineer has fixed the project; they might have good knowledge but they are not the specialists like us! In this way both construction and installation costs as well as operational costs can be reduced.

Pleasant cooperation

Vink Energy is a technical services company without smug. Technicians and engineers like to be know for their results, not for stories. Mutual trust and good cooperation is therefore of great importance for Vink. For that reason Vink is committed to clear communication, flexibility and fair agreements. Our technicians are flexible, mannered, qualified and striving for the best quality.